An intersectional therapy service

We’re experienced in working with trauma and life’s disruptions – offering a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, techniques and therapists.

As well as specialising in therapeutic support for children, young people, their parents, carers, and professionals – we are a trauma-informed and attachment-based service.

How we started

NAOS was set up by a collective of therapists who hold the fundamental core belief that therapy should be accessible to all and that recovery is possible.


Our tried and tested person-centred approaches can benefit anyone irrespective of their cultural background both in and beyond the therapy room.

Why we exist

We meet a need for integrative, person-centred and longer-term therapy using non-traditional methods for our diverse community.

Adoption support

We deliver therapeutic work to eligible adoptive and special guardianship order families through the adoption support fund (ASF).

Clinical supervision

We offer clinical supervision to professionals to support them in developing their practice & understanding of therapeutic & trauma informed working.

Educational support

We use creative evidence-based therapies & activities to help young people develop meaningful relationships & strategies to find value in their life.

Grant-funded work

We're passionate about making therapy accessible to those who can’t afford it.

Private clients

A safe, non-judgemental space in which to explore thoughts and feelings and become better emotionally equipped to deal with the demands of life.

Student placements

We offer 3-5 placements a year. Because of the complexity of working with trauma we don't take students on their first placement or first year of study.

Therapeutic parenting

We use our training and experience in attachment and trauma to help children and families with their relationships.

Through and after care

We work alongside social services to support young people therapeutically on their journey through and after care.

Training and consultancy

We offer bespoke training designed to meet the specific needs of organisations, teams or individuals.

Wellbeing for organisations

Supporting and caring for you means a stronger team and organisation which ultimately means we hold and support the clients we work with better.



Children and young people shared they are in an emotionally better place and able to move on with their lives.


Children and Young People stopped participating in risk taking behaviours.


Young People moved forward into further education, employment, or training.


I thought I could not continue, life got that tough. I have experienced things you could not imagine which left me feeling like I did not belong here. Therapy made me realise it was not my fault and to hold empathy and compassion for myself. It taught me to trust again and love again and mostly to love myself.

Female client

Age 18

Understanding trauma and attachment has helped me massively as understanding the young people I work with. I feel so much more skilled as a professional as well as having greater insights into my own history making me understand how my behavior and reactions effect the young people I work with.


Age 28

There’s a long list of things the therapist does that help us in school, mostly she gives children the confidence to face a daunting lifestyle and helps change some parents perceptions of their children, so they start believing.

Teaching Assistant

Primary School

As a family we really cant thank the therapist enough, it’s a real comfort to know she is there for the children and us.

Family of Primary client

The impact of long term therapy is unquestionable.

Secondary School Teacher

You never know if it wasn’t for me doing my therapy I might be in jail now. I was trapped in a small group of people all with similar problems, I didn’t believe things could change, they have. I’ve taken more control over me, I feel much more confident and feel I can now happily be anywhere with anyone.

Male client

Age 21

I used to see my therapist virtually every day, at first, then twice a week, weekly and then fortnightly, now its monthly or less, I’ve learnt how to work things out for myself better, to keep myself safe, to take a step back and think, mostly I can do it on my own now.

Male client

Age 19

Who we work with

We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations and services that support children and young people. We support multiagency working and work with social care, adoption support services, primary and secondary mainstream schools and alternative education provisions, statutory and voluntary organisations.

We are only able to accept new adult self-referrals currently.