Educational support

Learning and attainment happens when we feel safe enough to consciously interact with our environment and open ourselves up and experience relational connection.

We are all becoming aware of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and the sobering statistics of the impact on today’s young people. We have the statistics we have identified the most at risk, so what next?

Asking a young person to work against their own survival strategies is counter intuitive when working to create a sense of safety. Identifying learners who have experienced ACEs is the first step, supporting with a pathway of support and recovery is the next stage.

What we offer

We have a membership of qualified, talented practitioners, therapists and therapeutic mentors, professionally trained and experienced in working trauma and attachment.

Interventions are designed to calm the social engagement system (Stephen Porges, 2005) and promote emotional regulation, increase emotional literacy and relational safety.

When these states are achieved, we are more able to feel safe enough to consciously interact with our environment and experience relational connection, leading to the engagement in learning and attainment.

Using creative evidence-based therapies and therapeutically informed activities, young people are offered safe spaces to develop meaningful relationships and strategies to improve their sense of identity, wellbeing and find value in their life.


In school / In room / Outreach

  • Staff team supervision (group and 1:1)
  • Staff team Creative reflective practice (group and 1:1)
  • Creative Therapy (group and 1:1)
  • Targeted Group programmes

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