Counselling and psychotherapy

We offer a safe, confidential space and time to look at what has brought the client to therapy.

Our aim is to provide hope for change, to build on a client’s strengths, resources, resilience and to support the client to develop a felt sense of safety and stability.

Therapists offer a non-judgmental space and hold unconditional positive regard for the individuality and autonomy of the client.

Research and experience shows that the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic alliance between therapist and client are key to successful therapy.

At NAOS, we work alongside clients to help them safely look at their presenting issues and historical events. We identify shared therapeutic goals and actions to help resolve difficulties and to find more helpful coping strategies whilst carrying any remaining difficulties more safely.

We offer a three-phased approach to therapy based on concepts of stabilisation, processing and integration.

Therapeutic approaches are individualised, creative and designed to meet the needs of each client.

We are only able to accept new adult self-referrals currently.