Alternative Approaches

We use tried and tested approaches to ensure that therapy remains clinically well held, boundaried and works for the client both in and beyond the therapy room.

We provide outreach therapy for those unable to access our centre and a therapeutic key working model for those who are not ready for clinical therapy.

We provide a range of therapeutic projects using physical and creative activities held by qualified therapists that support the therapeutic process.

Person Centred

We recognise that each person is a unique individual with their own specific needs and preferences in their ways of working.

From this understanding, we work with a pool of therapists from a range of different backgrounds, who offer a range of differing theoretical understanding, approaches and skills to the therapeutic process. We then match the client and therapist based on an initial assessment and the client’s needs and preferences.


Therapy can benefit anyone irrespective of their cultural background, perceived ethnic origin, religion or linguistic competence. Therefore, we have created a pool of therapists to meet the needs of people from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds.

Despite much of our practices and approaches being based on Western psychology at NAOS we are interested in tracing the origins of such practices and recognise the value in techniques and methods from other cultures and traditions. At NAOS, we encourage the integration and sharing of different theories, thoughts and practices to support clients, our ethos and culture within the organisation.

We are only able to accept new adult self-referrals currently.