Because we are all different we understand that traditional clinical therapy does not always meet the needs of some clients, especially those of children and adolescents.

We have created an approach that meets the needs of the client, using outreach therapy, therapeutic key-working, as well as physical, somatic and creative activities to support their process.

Body work

We offer a variety of techniques from body psychotherapy, movement therapy, deep tissue massage, reflexology and reiki.

Counselling and psychotherapy

We aim to provide hope for change; build on a client’s strengths, resources, and resilience; support them to develop a felt sense of safety and stability.

Creative therapies

We provide a range of therapeutic projects using creative activities held by qualified therapists which support the therapeutic process.

Family work

We aim to work collaboratively with caregivers to help provide what is best for the children in their care.

Keyworking and mentoring

We work with clients in the least oppressive environment where it is most possible to nurture trust, relationship, and a healthy working-alliance.

Outdoor therapies

Outdoor talking therapy combines the conventional outcomes of indoor therapy with the know benefits of connecting with the natural world.

Outreach therapy

We support clients struggling to leave the home due to depression or anxiety, or are hospitalised or unable to attend our therapy centre.

Therapeutic physical activities

We deliver a variety of physical activities for groups and individuals, support by trained clinicians, which best suit a client’s ability and needs.

Therapy to Employment

A programme that supports young people in building their confidence and self-esteem with the aim of getting back into work.

We are only able to accept new adult self-referrals currently.