Why we exist

Because we are all different

http://fidelity-energy.co.uk/tag/top-tips-to-save-money/ Need for Integrative, Person Centred and Longer Term Therapy

Research shows, and we believe, that a relationally based, integrative, person centred approach and longer term therapy is needed to support clients in their healing and in maintaining their recovery.

soddenly Need for Alternative Approaches to Therapy

We understand that traditional clinical therapy does not always meet the needs of some clients, especially those of children and adolescents. Therefore, we have created an approach of working that meets the client “Where they are at” using outreach therapy, therapeutic key-working, as well as physical, somatic and creative activities to support the client’s process.

buy Pregabalin cheap uk Need for Intersectional Therapy Centre

We live in a diverse and culturally evolving society. We are aware in Bristol of the need for a therapy centre that reflects the diverse community in which we all live. We also work with a variety of approaches outside of Western Psychology to meet the needs of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

We believe in the power of sharing practices from across the globe to learn and support each other.